Pre-School and K12

Global Kids

Global Kids provides caring and trusting environment in which children can flourish as individual. Our child-centered philosophy allows children to learn through play by exploring their environment. In order to stimulate a child's learning, we provide opportunities for the child to grow and develop while reading, listening and playing. Love and affection are the hallmarks of all these pursuits.

The colorful and cheerful environment, child-friendly equipment, enticing toys and games at Global Kids help a child to listen and discover, imagine and create. The result is an environment from which the child's mind soaks knowledge like a sponge soaks water. Overall, Global Kids is not merely a school; it is a concept in education. It is a new dimension to a perfect mural for learning and childhood development.

At Global Kids, Career Point aspires to sow the seeds of values and spirit from the early ages. Student centric curriculum and scientifically designed modules ensure an ethical, physical, creative, linguistic and emotional development of the child. Cognitive learning installs a sense of purpose and dedication in the mind of students. The desire to shape children as future global citizens with a positive frame of mind and attitude has been the driving force that set Global Kids in its course.

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Global Public School (GPS)

Global Public School is situated in the heart Kota with a spacious modern building and the best facilities. Career Point provides Education Consultancy and Management Services for administration of the school. We have developed and designed most relevant teaching methodology for GPS, which aims at providing intellectual nourishment and at the same time train the tender minds to develop emotional stability and strength to respond creatively to the challenges of world full of restlessness and relentless competition.

While designing the school curriculum, we maintain the balance between academic and extra co-curricular activities. Value education is given due recognition in the school curriculum. The all-round education offered at GPS in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavor of the ancient Indian system and all the vision and breadth of modern education.

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Career Point School

Career Point School is an endeavor by Career Point Group to nurture leaders of the 21st century. We leverage our expertise, in terms of quality content, execution and school management skills to expand our offerings to capitalize on the latent demand in this segment.

The schools aspire to make learning an experience, where every child learns in an environment of joy and motivation - one that nourishes latent talents & develops full potential. The atmosphere at Career Point Schools is highly conducive enabling each child to develop his/her talent to achieve perfection in the knowledge based world so that, they emerge out as useful & successful citizens, making their own mark of distinction around the globe. Career Point provides various services to Career Point Schools including the franchisees, which are in to following three categories:

  • Career Point International Schools
  • Career Point World Schools
  • Career Point Public Schools

Education today, goes beyond geographical boundaries and the scenario is changing at a faster pace. The career options have now magnified from limited to multiples and local to global. In such a scenario, the educational programs at Career Point World Schools (CPWS) are designed and implemented to extend learning beyond academics to the overall development of the child. According to our belief, the learning fundamentals are laid firmly at CPWS to make students as confident individuals to meet future challenges.

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