e-Learning Solutions

Keeping the power of technology in mind and to add this power to the students, Career Point launched various online platforms and technology based learning solutions, which help us in taking the education experience for students to a new level of excellence. Our eLearning solutions are based on PLE (Personalized Learning Environment) ideology. PLE is a concept that represents the latest step in eLearning with focus more on the individual instead of a group performance to enhance the learning and scoring abilities of each individual. The primary goal of our eLearning solutions is to provide individual flexible personalized learning solutions which help them to learn efficiently and provide them extra edge in highly competitive scenario.

Our subsidiary Career Point Edutech Ltd. provides delivery of services through the following online platforms:

eCareer Point

Our eLearning venture, is a unique online testing platform for Engineering and Medicalaspirants. Aimed at improving student performance in both competitive and absolute terms, it focuses on the development of a student's weak areas through personalized, portal-based tests. This is a complete assessment solution which provides detailed performance analysis and tips for improvement by a2zfeedback technology.

Our proprietary 'A2ZFeeback Technology' is the unique performance analysis system which provides critical feedback of student's performance. It highlights students' weakness and strength using scientific and statistical technique. It's an enhanced technology driven solution to strategically identify the learning gaps and suggests various corrective measures to fulfill the actual learning.

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OnlinePado '' is an open platform for students which provide anytime, any topic and anyplace learning on any device by faculty of student's choice. e-Learning through delivers a freedom to learn at own pace through Video on Demand (VOD). A variety of courses and programs are offered at and the on-demand feature makes it price efficient for the students because they can choose one that suits their needs, whether an entire subject or a specific chapter. It offers greater flexibility, freedom and quality education at lower costs.

At, we not only provide the Career Point's legacy content but also offer a facility for other experts/faculties to reach among students through sharing their own videos. The open learning platform for students and a place to share the expertise by faculties make it win-win solution for both communities. The solution is differentiated by its unique features and advanced capability to adapt in real-time requirements of the end-user. Time-line bookmarking the videos to navigate and restart, removal of doubts through online chatting and lecture reviews are some of the features which make this product very dynamic. With the continuous focus on evolving technology to meet changing market demands, marks a definite value add in the learning experience of students. It is adaptable to multiple devices including mobile, laptops, tablets etc and brings the global best practices followed in e-Learning space.